• Kris Rooley Group


    What we did: Kris Rooley Group needed new branding and a website to mark their milestone in advancing the business.

    What they do: Kris Rooley Group Inc. is a locally owned and operated business that specializes in Basement Waterproofing and Plumbing Services.

  • www.ssmhumanesociety.ca

    What we did: The SSM Humane Society was in dire need of a rescue on their outdated website.

    What they do: The Sault Ste. Marie & District SPCA is an affiliate of the Ontario SPCA and provides animal control services to the City of Sault Ste. Marie.

  • Bugland Pest Control


    What we did: Bugland needed a new website that was easier to update and could display the multitude of pest management services they offered.

    What they do: Bugland is an experienced pest management company.

  • Envirotek Industrial


    What we did: Envirotek needed a team to back them up fast with their web infrastructure.

    What they do: Envirotek has been providing sealing and coatings services since 1996.

  • The Soo Sings For Kids


    What we did: Soo Sings For Kids needed branding that spoke their image.

    What they do: The Soo Sings for Kids sprang from workplace chit chat about the popular TV show Canada Sings.

  • Reaching Utopia


    What we did: A quick website specifically for blogging.

    What they do: Reaching Utopia is a life and wellness resource with interesting articles that really open your eyes.

  • GHL Catalog


    What we did: The GHL needed a digital flipbook to present their catalog of products.

    What they do: The GHL (Global Hockey Loop) is an exclusive network dedicated to providing relevant information, products and services to hockey players across the world.