About Us

EMCA is a technology firm that specializes in accessible web development and design. We've been a catalyst for advancing businesses and organizations in need of IT and innovation. We have experts in almost every facet of the IT realm and great business relationships to deliver products and services with quality in mind. Our work is a direct reflection of our attitude and business. We will not produce anything that's sub standard or that we wouldn't use ourselves. Whether tactile or virtual, our mission is to exceed expectations and generate solutions that not only work, but work well.

Our websites are built with quality in mind using an experienced team that has a proven track record. Sites that we've built from the ground up have won awards locally, provincially and nationally and include websites in categories such as: the Canadian government, national lottery associations, franchised restaurant chains, public utility corporations, international manufacturers and many more!

We provide only the best services on a custom CMS unlike the free Wordpress engine (which is not tailored towards accessibility). This means that we can develop any web application you can imagine without limitations from a third party CMS.

Not only are we there for you while developing your new website, but we continue to support you after the fact! Need to add a new feature to your website? Need a form digitized? Want a new banner created for the service you introduced yesterday? We’re here to help and advance your business!